Equipping everyone for ministry

Welcome to The Hub, an initiative helping every member of our church to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Hub allows each person to pick a subject that will help them. There are opportunities to make first steps in the Christian faith; to learn new skills and ministries; to deepen in understanding and confidence in Jesus Christ.

The options this term are:

From February 27th

Living Christianity

A series of studies, involving videos and discussions, about God’s calling for his people in the world, helping us think what it means to live as a Christians in the world, at work, in the family and as citizens.

The Marriage Course

A candlelit dinner and a relaxed environment for couples to talk privately about their life together, for those to be married, newly married, or married for many years.

Dynamics of Biblical Change

Learning how the gospel shapes our deepest attitudes and helps us to care for others. People taking this course need to sign up in advance – contact the office to find out more.