Equipping everyone for ministry

Welcome to The Hub, an initiative helping every member of our church to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Hub allows each person to pick a subject or a course that will help them. There are opportunities to make first steps in the Christian faith; to learn new skills and ministries; to deepen in understanding and confidence in Jesus Christ.

At present The Hub features:

The Generosity Project

This is a whole-church project, looking at the generosity of God and how our hearts can be warmed to greater generosity.

The conviction underlying The Generosity Project is that in British, Australian and even North American churches, the culture of generosity is weak. We don’t talk about it, we aren’t excited by it, and there is precious little evidence that we are driven by it.

It’s a problem we can and should address—and not, we hasten to add, just to improve the bottom line of our church budgets. Generosity is a basic fruit of the godly Christian life. It’s a glad and joyful response to the grace of God in the gospel. If generosity is weak, then something is weak in the spiritual heart of God’s people.