On this Remembrance Sunday the names of those from our parish who fell during the Great Wars were read aloud before the two-minutes silence was observed. We will remember them.

We will also reflect that peace in our world is not easily won, conflict resumes all too frequently. History reminds us that enduring accord cannot be established by our own wisdom. Is there any hope for humanity? Today we remember good news, there is, not from within us, but from outside of us, through Jesus the good shepherd who laid down his life for his friends. He paid the price of peace, peace with God and one another. This costly victory is to be expressed in the bonds of the
Church until the last, when ‘the kingdom of the world shall become the kingdom of our Lord,’ when swords shall become ploughshares and conflict, tears and mourning will be no more.

0930 13.19.2022 John 15:9-17 Sermon by Chris Murphy
1030 13.11.2022 John 10:7-18
Sermon (Part 1) by Chris Slater
1030 13.11.2022 John 10:7-18
Sermon (Part 2) by Chris Slater