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Prayer Update from Neema Mission Partners

Please click here to access the full text of the latest update from our mission partners Joshua and Miriam Mbithi at Neema Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya. If you would like to pray for Neema they are particularly grateful at present for God’s care and protection during the global pandemic, for the peace in Kenya at present and for their harvest this year. They continue to pray for God’s continued provision and care for them and the children at Neema, God’s healing on those infected with Covid-19 in Kenya, peace and strength for the bereaved, God’s daily provision and for God’s wisdom and understanding as they bring up the growing teenagers in Neema.

Parish Vacancy Briefing 14/12/20

This week, the Church Wardens released a further update about the processes and decisions being followed by the PCC wth regard to the business of preparing to advertise for our Parish Vacancy.
Please click here to read the full text of the briefing

Christmas Carols around the Tree

It’s nearly time for our Carols around the Tree every evenings from the 18-23th December (excepting Sunday the 20th). From 4.30pm carols will be played through outside speakers and the law allows attendees to join in singing these carols. It remains necessary to remain 2m from anyone not in your own household group but as this event takes place outside it is our hope that shoppers and church members alike will be able to enjoy singing together in worship for the first time this Christmas season.

Christmas Eve Christingles

This year’s Christingle service will take place both online and in the church building at St. Michael’s. There will be hygienically prepared Christingles available at the service or a Make-your-own-Christingle-pack made available, which will be prepared in advance and left in a covered box outside St. Michael’s Church foyer in the week leading up to Christmas Eve.
For more details please click here

Parish Vacancy Briefing – from the Church Wardens

As you know, our Vicar Peter will be leaving us soon to take up a new appointment in the Church, during January 2021. Peter’s resignation has set in motion a formal process for finding a replacement. We want to explain a little about this process here. There is some church jargon involved, but hopefully this will make sense!
First, while it is with a great sense of sadness that we see Peter, Ruth and the family leave us, life must go on and we are very fortunate that Reverend Chris will assume responsibility for the spiritual leadership within the Parish during the interregnum (the period between one incumbent/vicar leaving and the other starting). It is important that we give Chris our full support so that we may continue to grow together.
Please click here to read the full document

Christmas Services Announced

Please click here for the full rundown of times and venues for this year’s Christmas services featuring Carols around the tree, Carols and lessons online, Christmas Eve Christingle, and Christmas Day services, as well the intended pattern of services for the New Year.
We pray that you will
know comfort and joy this Christmas time and in the
year ahead.

Advent Invitation (updated 27/11)

Christmas seems to have come early this year. People always say that when the Christmas adverts start the day after Bonfire Night. But perhaps people are looking forward to Christmas with particular intensity this year, albeit with a lot of uncertainty. So, thank goodness the church calendar has caught up. This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, the weeks of preparation for the coming of Jesus. In Advent we consider how great is our need for the saviour, and pray that he would come...

Click through to the full article find out about reading together this advent

The full Diego Pacheco interview

Do visit our Mission Partners page to view the full interview with our new mission partner, Diego Pacheco, some of which was shown in last Sunday’s service.
The page can be found here:

Dig Deeper Book Review

Are you interested in digging deeper to unearth the Bible’s treasure? Chris Murphy recommends Dig Deeper by Nigel Beynon and Andrew Sach
“Dig Deeper” is not written for the academic but for the ordinary Christian seeking practical help in their desire to understand the Bible. This book recognises that understanding the Bible is an art and not a science and therefore interpreting the Bible requires skill, experience and subtlety. By way of help, “Dig Deeper” presents a biblical tool kit – that is, some useful pieces of equipment, which when wielded skilfully can give the Bible reader real confidence that he or she can understand the Bible correctly. Understanding the Bible is a matter of interpretation, but it is not a matter of choosing the interpretation we like the best. If you would like to have confidence in interpreting the Bible for yourself, this would be a great book to read during lockdown 2.
Click here for the full book review and some information on where to buy a copy for yourself, or one to keep and one to give away!

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