Advent means ‘arrival,’ it is the season in which we look back to God’s loving generosity in sending Jesus into the world and look forwards to his promised return to reign. In Jesus Christ God came into our world that we might know him both now and forever, this good news is summarised in the well-known verse John 3:16.
Over the four weeks of Advent, we’re going to take a closer look at what this verse reveals;
the danger we’re saved from, the delight of God to save us, the duty of belief and the blessing of what we’re saved for, our destiny in and with Jesus.

Advent – First Sunday: The Danger

We begin by considering the importance of the gift, why we need saving. If we do not grasp our peril, we will not appreciate the kindness and urgent relevance of Jesus and the rescue he came to secure. Grasping the danger will enable us to respond to God with grateful hearts and a renewed passion to see others come to trust in Jesus too.

1030 27.11.2022 sermon (The Danger) by Chris Slater

Advent – Second Sunday: The Delight

As we continue our Advent series contemplating the well known John 3:16, we focus today on the beginning of the verse and the nature and character of the God it reveals. The Father who is at heart a giver, kind enough to care, mighty enough to act. The God who so loved the world (all kinds of people ‘lost’ in darkness and unbelief), that he gave His one and only Son in order to secure for ‘whoever’ a rescue and a relationship that begins now and continues to eternity.

0930 04.12.2022 sermon (The Delight) by Graham Hill
1030 04.12.2022 sermon (The Delight) by Chris Slater

Advent – Third Sunday: The Duty

This week the big question is: how do we accept the gift and come in on that life? A recurring theme in John’s gospel is ‘whoever believes has life.’ We’re saved through faith in Jesus. In the same way as the People of God in the wilderness ‘looked’ upon the provision of the bronze snake to be healed, so we ‘look to Jesus,’ God’s provision for our salvation, entrusting ourselves to him and his work of being lifted up on the cross. Faith binds us to Jesus.

1030 11.12.2022 sermon (The Duty) by Chris Murphy

Advent – Fourth Sunday: The Destiny

In our Advent series what is it that we are saved for? We need a solid view of what the future holds if we’re to persevere in the Christian life. John 3:16 reminds us we’re saved for eternal life. What is that life? Images of harps, clouds and angels may come to mind but Jesus provides clarity in his prayer in John 17: “this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” In other words, relationship is central. The opposite of perishing is the delight of being with him. Our hope is for life with God, the beautiful God in whom we find our satisfaction and joy. For God himself dwells with his own.

0930 18.12.2022 sermon (The Destiny) by Peter Geddes
1030 18.12.2022 sermon (The Destiny) by Robert Moots